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Il Barlanzone - News & Events

1 MOTORADUNO, Montalcino
7-8 of July 2012 the 1st Motorcycle Rally will take place in Montalcino. Event welcomes all type of bikes. The best will be awarded in each category.
Saturday 7th of July
14.30-18.30 Registration in Piazza Garibaldi
21.00 Live music
Sunday 8th of July
09.00 Registration
11.00 Motorcycle Rally Starts with celar visit & tastings
12.30 Transfer for lunch
14.30 Prize nomination
Have fun!
8 e 19 Dicembre 2011 "Mercatino in Val D'Orcia 2011"
8th and 19th of December between narrow streets of Montalcino you can visit so called "Mercatino in Val D'Orcia". This local market offers variety of agricultural, biological and traditional local products. You can taste 20 different types of honey: famous acacia, tick trefoil, chestnut; all kind of Pecorino cheese, aged from several months to several years; olive oil and so many other different local products. This market starts early morning and last all the day. This is a nice opportunity to pass last sunny sundays walking in Montalcino and tasting its marvelous Brunello wine.
Sagra del Tordo 29-30 Ottobre 2011
29-30 of October Montalcino celebrates "Sagra del Tordo", traditional festival, old symbol of this area of hunting season. These days you can see and feel all the spirit of Medieval history of Montalcino. Starting from early morning cortege of 4 quarters of Montalcino: Borghetto (white & red), Pianello (white & blue),Ruga (yellow & blue), Travaglio (yellow & red) dressed in historical costumes start its movement for the archery competition. This event amaze anyone who comes to visit Montalcino these days by local color and its traditions. The festival ends with great dinner of the winner, laugh and numerous talks on the tables placed just on the narrow streets of Montalcino end by late night.