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Il Barlanzone - News & Events

15 of August 2013 - NOTTE BIANCA
The second edition "White Nights" in Montalcino is organised this year under the sound of latino music. Different musicians all over the narrow streets of Montalcino present its proper show.
30 di Maggio 2013 Abbracci in frac - Tele d'autore
50' Torneo APERTURA DELLE CACCE 11-12 Agosto 2012
Historical medieval tradition, impressive performance of archery that start the hunting season will take place this year 11 and 12 of august in the historical center of Montalcino. One more time 4 quarters of Montalcino: Borghetto, Pianello, Ruga e Travaglio start their competition for desired medal.
It will start Saturday morning with traditional Trescone dance around 11.00 and continue with archery registration. After lunch you will get the opportunity to become a part of medieval procession, which slowly move from Piazza Cavour to archery area, where the first try will be done. Colorfully decorated streets, rich medieval dresses make this performance unforgettable. These day you can make a look into the history from eyes of 21 century.
Sunday morning will start with hunting announcement and performances all over the narrow streets of the village and at 17.15 archery procession will move from Piazza Cavour to compeet. Who will win this year?