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53024 Montalcino (SI)
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About us
When in 2000 the reconstruction of "Il Barlanzone" was over, my mum Paola has decided, being in pension, try to rent some rooms in this ancient palace for tourists. It was the beginning of touristic activity, so I had to leave my work and follow this new adventure. I remember when my dad Enzo with his taft character left his dinner without finishing it, after we tried to tell him a few words about this new business and need to invest some important amount of Italian lires. The decision was taking a few weeks later without his approval.
Now with a distance of 11 years "Il Barlanzone" became beautiful touristic structure and well known through customers in different parts of the world. Numerous clients are arriving based on personal recommendations of their family and friends. Lately we started to collect all the hand writing messaged, which our clients leave in their room before departure, drawings and amazing comments. Special part of these messages is dedicated to my mum Paola, famous for her cakes, which she cooks for apartment guests. During all these years there were so many emotions and satisfaction given as an important gift from our clients to us. We thank all our guests who stimulate us to do always our best and go ahead.
Special memory to my father Enzo, who left us in 2006, the one, in spite of the cold beginning, was always around me and "Il Barlanzone" to give his help and support.